Antonio, Italian Lover

Welcome to my personal site. Im Antonio, an Independent Straight Male Escort. I was born in Italy, with genuine Italian roots, and that's why i have in my blood the Latin passion: The desire and attitude, specially during intimate moments. I really like to offer a deeper connection, sharing feeling, soft touches, intriguing glances... To create a unique moment between two soul and bodies...

my Philosophy

I would like to create not only a deep physical connection, but also a deep mental connection: Warm, full of tenderness and reciprocal understanding...
I have very nice skin and soft hands, i enjoy to touch, caresses, feel with my hands and my entire body... I also know to do a good relaxation massage, with special oil. Because intimacy and sex are much better if you take it without hurry, part of pleasure is explore and discover the partner body, mind and desires. I also enjoy provide and receive oral sex...


About Me

I am blessed with a natural big, soft, lips, made to kiss... I also have a well proportioned body, "pianist hands" and soft skin. These physical attributes coupled with my vibrant personality will stimulate all your senses. 35 year old , 178cm, 80kg. I prefer not to show my face though, I can assure you I have a nice face and a good smile. No enhancements, tattoos, or piercing. I also do not smoke cigarettes or do any drugs. I do love intelligent woman's and engaging in though provoking conversation.



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Frequently asked questions

Reply to some commonly asked to help you to better understand me, the kind of person i am and the kind of service i provide, even before actually contact me ;)

Are you Gay and-or Bisex: No, im Etero, simple as that.
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Say Hello.

This is the first step, from there we start communicate, share and finally, i hope, meet. Please, i strongly encourage you to write me about yourself, what kind of person you are, what you search in a possible meet with me and we will talk and sort it out.